Tag: Clay Instruction

  • Handbuilt Plate Tutorial

    My new series is FunCtioNaL, if you can believe that. In line with making functional plates – here is a great video on Handbuilt Plates – this is a great design, and a fun use of tools that you can make yourself.  


    Superb porcelain basket handmade by irish born artist brian o sullivan at his studio at HILLGROVE PORCELAIN CAHIRCIVEEN CO KERRY IRELAND . This basket is 10″ across and is fired 3 times…. takes appros 3 weeks to complete. [youtube=http://youtu.be/2ZNZS-aYmlY]

  • Sculpt a Flying Dragon

    I have a student that does nothing but dragons. He’s Fabulous too!  I was searching for tips and found this video … Sculpt your own dragon!

  • Meth-Amorphosis IN CLAY

    The effect of methamphetamines on a face sculpted in water-based clay made as a tool for D.A.R.E. This sculpture was originally created for the artist’s young daughters to show some of the effects of drug abuse. The lesions and more graphic aspects were deliberately not depicted. Additional technical information such as clay and tools used…