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  • Sculpting Eyes

    Sculpting Eyes

    struggling with eyes lately! Sometimes, my people just look drunk

  • Sculpting a head – Quick and Easy

    Sculpting a head – Quick and Easy

    Fast introduction, but enough information to totally go for it.  So pay attention! This gives you a really easy look at how to cut and place the clay to build up your head – very cool video [youtube=]

  • Sculpting A Female Torso

    Sculpting A Female Torso

    Here is a short video from the Master, on sculpting a female Torso … Enjoy!

  • Sculpting A Male Torso

    Sculpting A Male Torso

    A short look from a Master, on sculpting a male torso …. Enjoy

  • High Speed Sculpture

    High Speed Sculpture

    Excellent! Quick video tutorial on how to make a Rhino – but you could make any animal with this – check out his great techniques!

  • Basket Weave on Clay

    Basket Weave on Clay

    Great Tutorial on How to do a basket weave effect on clay.

  • Healing Crystal – OBSIDIAN

    By Lynn Marie Dwyer My crystal to embrace this week number one in 2014 is Obsidian. I happen to have a beautiful rainbow …read more Source:: Personal Blog       

  • Wheel of Fortune – My week One Tarot Card

    By Lynn Marie Dwyer This year, I intend to pull cards from my various decks each week, and really get to know the card. …read more Source:: Personal Blog       

  • Large Slab/Coil Vessel

    This is a great demonstration for a slab and coil large vessel.

  • Large Handbuilt Vessel

    this a simple watch and learn video from an obvious master in making large hand built vessels from clay. Amazing watching him whip this thing out!