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  • Tribal Energy

    Tribal Energy

    This piece is pretty different. I got my hands on a great piece of wood with a really interesting shape. I set a mask made from several handbuilt clay pieces on the face of it. I then added very unique “hair” using glass beads and the coolest rocks I found on the beach in Jacksonville […]

  • Fingerprint Trees

    Fingerprint Trees

    these are silly, I admit, but they are totally fun!  These are perfect for a small space. They hang on the wall, and bring your love of trees inside. Set on oak barnwood as the tree trunks, these trees are simple silly and fun 🙂  You can find these trees at Jumping Mouse Beads downtown […]

  • Blooms, in time for Spring

    Blooms, in time for Spring

    I still do love flowers.  I don’t make them that often, but I was moved to produce some blooms!  Here are some new works sporting Color and Blooms!  Just in time for Spring 🙂 all hang on a wall 🙂 Heading to the gallery!

  • Showgirls and Foxes

    Showgirls and Foxes

    These were fun. They are primitive Handbuilt planters featuring showgirls and foxes; and there’s a crow or coyote who snuck in and is hiding out as a fox.  They have a drainage hole to allow for a real plant and waterings. They can be ordered. $39

  • Trimmin’ the tree

    Trimmin’ the tree

    Trimmin’ a tree this year, oh yes I am    

  • bringing in some wisdom

    bringing in some wisdom

  • Sculpture Techniques LIVE Course Preview – The Clay Board

    Sculpture Techniques LIVE Course Preview – The Clay Board

    Create your own Clay Board

  • Sculpture Ideas

    Sculpture Ideas

    Amazing Amazing. I love this – totally out of the box.

  • Sculpting the Art Critic

    Sculpting the Art Critic

    it doesn’t get any better than this. He makes it look so easy!

  • More… Sculpting Eyes in Clay

    More… Sculpting Eyes in Clay

    In case the last one didn’t work for you … another sculpting eye video