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  • Epona’s Ride

    Epona’s Ride

    Filled with Symbolism, this piece represents the Celtic Goddess Epona, on her white horse/carriage ride home.  Her clothing has absorbed each of her flowing chakral energy colors.  She holds the vessel of the universe on her lap.  Spirit (crow) stays close to her, and the sun represents her light, and ability to befriend all the […]

  • About Me

    About Me

    Hi,  I’m Lynn Marie Dwyer, and I am a mixed-media artist working primarily in clay. I love to capture motion in my art – I love a variety of perspectives… texture: metal with clay contrasting the strong with the fragile – alternative-firing processes creating new effects…. I’m always trying something different. I specialize in handbuilt […]

  • Rv Tiny Home Project

    Rv Tiny Home Project

    So Wow. I put it on my vision board and here it is.  And it’s wicked sweet.  The folks who had this took such great care of it, so everything I do is mainly going to be just updating it and making it efficient enough to live in.  A challenge.  I know it.  For the […]

  • The Exquisite Risk

    The Exquisite Risk

    After reading my friend’s post on Facebook today about a book that changed her life, I was reminded about a book that changed mine.  It inspired me to write about it. About nine years ago, I was about to turn forty, and I was riddled with fear about dying.  I had this idea most of […]

  • don’t be such a cry baby

    don’t be such a cry baby

    Oh Lord everything is making me cry these days.  I would tell you it’s the movies I’m watching, but that wouldn’t be the truth.  It’s more likely pre-menopausal crap that I have no control over without taking some kind of hormone replacement, or worse.  I ride the wave, I let it flow.  Maybe I haven’t […]

  • Can you come out and play?

    Can you come out and play?

    it’s a funny thing, when I post pics of me working, typically at a kitchen table, while all kinds of things are being created, bags of clay everywhere, tools thrown about, a real mess; the most common response i get is “I want to come play!”. I’ve heard this for years.  It makes me laugh […]

  • Mineral Springs Center, Grassroots Grant 2009

    Mineral Springs Center, Grassroots Grant 2009

    2009 Fannin County Grassroots Awardee.  Yay! This outreach program was a whole lot of fun.  I recruited my fellow contemporary artist, Laura Parker and we set out to bring art to a population that gets very little in this regard.  We went with the intention on building handmade tiles from clay, and then after firing […]

  • Art, for Spirit’s Sake

    another kind of Outsider Art … Go Read  Art, for Spirit’s Sake. on my other Blog, Faith and Spirit

  • Get Your Arse On the Bus! – an Ireland Entry …

    I was probably day 5 into this trip when the muscle soreness I was experiencing was becoming pretty disabling. This is when I really wished I trained like Claudia warned. I needed to do something quickly or the rest of this  trip might get ugly…. I found the local pharmacy, bought some  BioFreeze, hot/cold ointment […]

  • The Labyrinth … ~ An Ireland Entry

    One early evening, on the island Inishmore, I went searching for an old castle. It was uphill the entire time on the main road. I think I even had to get off my bike and walk it at one point, and I was probably in first gear. The island was quite sloped, and offered me […]