Art Center South Florida

IMG_0502During my visit to south Florida, I was able to travel to Miami Beach, where on Lincoln St. was Art Center South Florida, which we just kind of stumbled upon, but what an incredible find.  Impressive mosaic floor greets you at the door, and like a wave washes you inside. I was immediately drawn in.  Colors everywhere and mixed media.  I was loving it.   There are waves of tiles on the walls, reminding me of work I have done in homes as IMG_0498well as my own, in the past. The place is filled with talent. Take a look.  If you find yourself in Miami Beach and are wandering around the busy streets, try and find this place, The artists are typically right inside working, but today was Easter so I was only able to greet a few.  Here’s the website for the space.  They have internships available as well as rental studio spaces for those of you wanting Miami 🙂

I actually loved this area a lot.  It was by far the most diverse crowd I had ever experienced.  The traffic was amazing – so much to do and see. the exposure is wonderful on this street.  It was only one of a few galleries from what I could see.  Restaurants and retail mainly, but a hot spot for sure.  So, Go Art Center South Florida! Hats off!


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