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Rv Tiny Home Project

So Wow. I put it on my vision board and here it is.  And it’s wicked sweet.  The folks who had this took such great care of it, so everything I do is mainly going to be just updating it and making it efficient enough to live in.  A challenge.  I know it.  For the last couple years, I’ve been moving around a bit.  And a lot like my trip to Ireland, where every hostel i stayed at I was leaving gear behind so I didn’t have the weight.  It’s the same with moving.  With every move I lost so much more stuff.  So now, I am down to clothes, and precious items.  And those things we consider “necessary.”  Oh, and an entire studio of material and tools.   I understand when I decide to take this plunge and live in my rv tiny home, I will have to have a place to create and fire, so I hope that works itself out 🙂  So my plan (as of right now) is to fix her up and get her ready to live in by Fall.

It’s a 1977 Maple Leaf 17 ft. camper.  I’m about to have some fun with this little girl.   Here are some photos of what she looks like inside.

Clay “Paper” dolls

I used to spend hours with paper dolls.  changing outfits on flat, lifeless doll shapes… They seem silly, but there is something real creative about them.  These are a ceramic version of those flat dolls.  They are colorful and fun, hang from white cotton cord, ready for a window, a wall or a mobile.  Their arms and legs are wired on separately to give them a real puppet feel.  I think these are perfect for a little girl’s room window 🙂


Tribal Energy

DSCN3082This piece is pretty different. I got my hands on a great piece of wood with a really interesting shape. I set a mask made from several handbuilt clay pieces on the face of it. I then added very unique “hair” using glass beads and the coolest rocks I found on the beach in Jacksonville Florida. The rocks are unlike any I have ever seen before and have incredible character. these rocks all have natural holes in them, which I remember calling hag stones back in the day. This piece is fairly large, and hangs on a wall. You’ll never find another like it. Has a real tribal feel to it. Not sure which gallery it’s going to yet! DSCN3079