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Inishbofin, a texture paradise

talking-to-God-001So, on my bike trip to Ireland, Inishbofin was one of my spots to go. You take a boat out of this tiny dock.  I spent my time here hiking out to the fort, instead of the popular bike trail all the other ferriers were doing. The fort cuts off from the mainland at certain tides, so not many were willing to risk it.  I figured, if I had to sleep out there, I would have been safe, and it was warm, and it felt like it never got dark there. I had food, so I was going Continue reading Inishbofin, a texture paradise

Walking with the Sheep … ~ an Ireland Entry

DSCN1460-2There’s something to be said for a good dream to make you feel great. And a good rest. I was still floating with this comfort after taking one day off from bike riding. I was on my way to Inishbofin. An island lying about 5 miles off the coast of Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. It is about 3½ miles long and only 2 miles wide, and has around 200 inhabitants. The island is popular with artists. The island’s English name is derived from the Irish name Inis Bó Finne (Island of the White Cow). The island has been occupied continuously since the Bronze Age. In 668, Saint Colmán founded a monastery which survived until the 10th century. Inishbofin was transformed into a penal colony for Catholic clergy. It was also home to Dún Gráinne, the remains of a fort used

by the legendary Grace O’Malley, Ireland’s pirate queen, as well as the ruins of a Celtic fort dating to 1000 B.C. Inishbofin is believed to have been continuously inhabited for up to 10,000 years.DSCN1703 Continue reading Walking with the Sheep … ~ an Ireland Entry