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Get Your Arse On the Bus! – an Ireland Entry …

I was probably day 5 into this trip when the muscle soreness I was experiencing was becoming pretty disabling. This is when I really wished I trained like Claudia warned. I needed to do something quickly or the rest of this  trip might get ugly…. I found the local pharmacy, bought some  BioFreeze, hot/cold ointment – and found my way into this old cemetery on the top of the hill overlooking this town, on the way to the cliffs.

I was on my way to the Cliffs of Moher. I was on my way to the ocean is really more like it. I wasn’t quite able to see it from this hill, but I could smell it, and it made me excited and like almost like home wasn’t far away.
In this cemetery was yet another ruin of church that used to stand there. The place was filled with the name Dwyer. My birth name.  The Pharmacy was also named O’Dwyer’s. I sat there looking at all the carvings, reading the names, adding up the numbers. I met a man who was tending the grounds. He was a veteran of an armed service and wore badges and medals all over his clothes. There was a hint of mental trauma he carried in his eyes that made me not engage in a long conversation, but certainly gave him my time, attention. He was a mumbler. A talker-to-self character.  I am also one. Continue reading Get Your Arse On the Bus! – an Ireland Entry …

The Labyrinth … ~ An Ireland Entry

DSCN1599One early evening, on the island Inishmore, I went searching for an old castle. It was uphill the entire time on the main road. I think I even had to get off my bike and walk it at one point, and I was probably in first gear. The island was quite sloped, and offered me lots of ways to get my posterior aching. Again.

I found the castle, roamed around inside it. It was really tall and I was able to climb an existing stairwell inside to the top and look out through a passage. I had a pretty clear view of ocean, and what seemed like an endless sea of rock walls leading to it. A maze. I kept looking around there for a bit, but found myself more interested in walking toward the sea… through the walls. From way up there, it didn’t look too far. Parts of the walls were missing, and I wondered why, when other structures kept on standing… I parked my bike along a wall next to the castle and started walking the paths toward the ocean.DSCN1597 Continue reading The Labyrinth … ~ An Ireland Entry

Things are not always as they seem … ~ an Ireland Entry

 I rode over on a blue and white boat named “The Happy Hooker” to the largest island, Inishmore in the trio of the Aran Islands… the farthest from the mainland. There are several Iron Age forts on Inishmore, all of which I was feeling honored to be able to bike out and see. I made it to these islands after the first week in Ireland, and sometimes when I think back, I wish I had spent so much more time here than I did. It is a place I intend to go back to. There was something totally magical about this place, Continue reading Things are not always as they seem … ~ an Ireland Entry