Epona’s Ride

Filled with Symbolism, this piece represents the Celtic Goddess Epona, on her white horse/carriage

My ETSY Store

Etsy is just a place I sell some of my easy to ship items,

About Me

Hi,  I'm Lynn Marie Dwyer, and I am a mixed-media artist working primarily in

The Exquisite Risk

After reading my friend's post on Facebook today about a book that changed her

Tribal Energy

This piece is pretty different. I got my hands on a great piece

Fingerprint Trees

these are silly, I admit, but they are totally fun!  These are perfect for

Showgirls and Foxes

These were fun. They are primitive Handbuilt planters featuring showgirls and foxes; and there's

Ah, the Butterfly

By Lynn Marie Dwyer LOTS of butterfly medicine this summer! I'm excited

Eating local

By Lynn Marie Dwyer I've decided to eat local for the rest