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MODA Exhibit – The Next Wave

Tonight I was able to go to the Dogwood Festival’s preview party, being held at MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) during their current exhibit, The Next Wave,

The South’s Next Wave: Design Challenge

November 11, 2012 – March 31, 2013

The South: home to numerous design talents, both emerging and seasoned. The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) thinks it’s time to prove it. This fall, the museum presents The South’s Next Wave: Design Challenge, part exhibition, part competition; the exhibition pairs designers of interior spaces with object designers to create imaginative vignettes throughout the museum.

Curators David Goodrowe and Tim Hobby co-founders of Aesthetic Identity Design™ firm Goodrowe | Hobby™ have directed the work of set /interior designers and of object designers in fields from furniture to fashion who exemplify the myriad new directions the Southern aesthetic has taken.

Each vignette is technologically enabled with the Skovr app, allowing viewers i to access facts and video about the designers while in the galleries or from their own homes.

During the run of the exhibition, MODA visitors will be asked to choose their favorite vignette and object. Winning earns the designer more than bragging rights – there is a cash prize


That was from their website …  So we stayed a bit, drank some wine, had a nibble, pushed some buttons, and cast our ballot for who we liked best.  Very colorful displays to choose from. I bet you can guess my vote.  It was a blast taking photos and checking out all the work that went into these little vinettes.  What a treat. Good Luck Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully Blue! I vote for you!


Children, and Clay

IMG_1636A group of playing, oreo eating kids ran around after school getting ready for their clay workshop … still mumbles and fidgets while the plan of action is revealed … Clay in hand, and then, silence.  You can hear the birds!  This was my experience the other day in Jasper GA as I brought art to more kids under a huge oak tree in front of an art studio.  Twenty kids, all ages and they found one common interest, where there is no judgement and all things are possible. The beginning of a creation. This is my experience often, and it reminds me to share how remarkable clay can transform even the toughest crowd.

Ceramics allow children to explore clay as a material. Children of all ages enjoy squishing, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching, pounding clay. Some children find this particularly soothing and it can be useful for releasing tension or frustration. In addition, ceramics gets children in touch with nature, feeling the earth, understanding where clay comes from and contributing to environmental awareness. Ceramics also allows children the opportunity to explore early chemistry and physics – how clay changes when it is fired, how glass beads melt in the kiln, how glazes change color and mix to form new colors. Continue reading Children, and Clay