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Art trips on a Budget

Curly Cue, My first Ireland Entry


180858_106278732781504_1102950_nThis is reblogged from a prior location …
When I turned 40, I decided to take off to Ireland, with a bicycle. An untrained cylist, a new bike, tons of gear, a few outfits, not too much cash, a few phone cards, a map, no reservations & my questionable intuition. No reservations, EXCEPT for the one I made at the Ballynahinch Castle in the Connemara area of Ireland Continue reading Curly Cue, My first Ireland Entry

Inishbofin, a texture paradise

talking-to-God-001So, on my bike trip to Ireland, Inishbofin was one of my spots to go. You take a boat out of this tiny dock.  I spent my time here hiking out to the fort, instead of the popular bike trail all the other ferriers were doing. The fort cuts off from the mainland at certain tides, so not many were willing to risk it.  I figured, if I had to sleep out there, I would have been safe, and it was warm, and it felt like it never got dark there. I had food, so I was going Continue reading Inishbofin, a texture paradise

Art Center South Florida

IMG_0502During my visit to south Florida, I was able to travel to Miami Beach, where on Lincoln St. was Art Center South Florida, which we just kind of stumbled upon, but what an incredible find.  Impressive mosaic floor greets you at the door, and like a wave washes you inside. I was immediately drawn in. Continue reading Art Center South Florida