I'm Lynn Dwyer, I've been an artist all my life, beginning with mudpies in the middle of my dirt road when i was small.  I live to create.  It is my true love. 

I originate from the cliffs on the coast of Massachusetts overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Provincetown.   I now live in Blue Ridge overlooking a sea of trees.  I currently show my work locally, and ship from online sales, those pieces that can be.

I enjoy combining materials in my work. Metal, wood, fiber, collage and digital mash-ups …. I am experimenting and allowing myself to explore and dive into a variety of materials and see how they survive together.  I’ve been working with clay now for about 18 years.  I hope you enjoy my work.

A variety of processes

Art is everywhere.  I like pointing it out. 


Clay Creations

Unique, Handbuilt

we're talking limited tools. we're talking a rolling pin and my hands.  Primitive hand building with clay is a therapeutic art medium, allowing you to experience a grounding effect similar to meditation


Mixed Media

Combining materials, found-objects, with clay

I rarely find things that i don't see immediately how they can be used in art.  I love combining these out-of-place pieces in my work. I think it offers new perspectives, often with a giggle


Everything Else

Illustrations, Digital Photo Blends,

i'm a photographer, so i love combining photos digitally, as well doing drawings that I can also then use in this process.  When I can't get my hands dirty, or for those insomnia nights, you can often find me blending photos and creating art using technology. I love it. 

Next Steps...

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