Epona’s Ride

Filled with Symbolism, this piece represents the Celtic Goddess Epona, on her white horse/carriage

My ETSY Store

Etsy is just a place I sell some of my easy to ship items,

About Me

Hi,  I'm Lynn Marie Dwyer, and I am a mixed-media artist working primarily in

The Exquisite Risk

After reading my friend's post on Facebook today about a book that changed her

Tribal Energy

This piece is pretty different. I got my hands on a great piece

Fingerprint Trees

these are silly, I admit, but they are totally fun!  These are perfect for

Showgirls and Foxes

These were fun. They are primitive Handbuilt planters featuring showgirls and foxes; and there's

Sculpting Eyes

struggling with eyes lately! Sometimes, my people just look